Can the Food You Eat Affect Your Teeth?

Food That is Good For Your Teeth

If you believe the saying You are What You Eat, then you certainly must realize the food you eat affects the health of your teeth. Healthy food is good for your body. Likewise, healthy food is good for your teeth. Why? Because your teeth are part of your body.

There are many ways to improve and maintain your oral health, and eating healthy food is just one of them. Here is an easy-to-follow guide that will help you understand the categories of food that are good for teeth and not so good for teeth:

What’s Good for Your Teeth?

  • Crisp fruits and vegetables
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Food that is rich in fiber
  • Dairy products including milk and cheese
  • Non-dairy items that are high in calcium

What’s Not So Good for Your Teeth?

  • Food that is loaded with sugar
  • Hard food that is difficult to bite and chew
  • Candy and snacks that are excessively sticky
  • Highly acidic items such as raw lemons
  • Starchy food, such as white bread and pasta

Yes, You Should Definitely Drink Water!

Because it’s nearly impossible to limit yourself to only food that is good for teeth, remember that you can always brush and floss your teeth after eating items that are in the not so good category. Also, thoroughly rinsing your mouth with water (either bottled or tap) after eating helps avert the development of tooth decay.

Not only does water help remove potentially damaging food particles from your mouth, but it also helps freshen your breath and it can even help with digestion. Additionally, tap water in many areas throughout the United States contains added fluoride, which helps strengthen your teeth and keep them healthy.

When possible, it’s advisable to avoid sugary soda, fruit juice, and acidic beverages. Carbonated beverages and drinks that are high in sugar and acid can negatively affect the enamel on your teeth. When this occurs, it makes teeth more susceptible to decay and sensitivity. Some beverages may also stain your teeth. Drinking water is always the healthiest option.

Can Gum Help?

Besides food, there’s another item that helps keep teeth healthy: gum. Sugarless gum, especially the type that contains xylitol, helps remove food particles, acid, and bacteria from your mouth. This reduces your chance of developing tooth decay, especially if you are unable to brush and floss after eating.

Be aware that gum containing sugar is not beneficial to your teeth. Sugar gum promotes tooth decay and other oral health problems. For the benefit of your teeth, always stick with sugarless gum.

Have Questions? Just Ask!

If you have any questions about how food helps (or harms) your teeth, please talk with us the next time you’re in the office. Washington Court House dental focuses on preventative dentistry and patient education. Because food selections affect your dental health as well as your overall health, we want you to have all the information you need to make the best possible choices.

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