How Often Should You Go to the Dentist?

How Often Should You Go To The Dentist

If teeth are bright, white, and feel great, is it still necessary to visit the dentist on a regular schedule? Truth be told, routine visits to the dentist are crucial for maintaining oral health. No matter how often teeth are brushed or flossed in between visits, in-office preventative care is recommended.

If your tooth breaks, or if you are in pain, a visit to the dentist is in order. Don’t delay scheduling a dental appointment when you suspect something is wrong. Addressing problems early usually results in more straightforward and less expensive treatment.

Our patients commonly ask these questions about how often they should visit the dentist:

I’ve never had a cavity. Do twice-a-year dental cleanings apply to me?

Congratulations to all adults with healthy teeth! Never experiencing a cavity or other preventable dental health issue is commendable. However, there’s no telling when the first cavity will appear, or when an oral health problem will arise. Preventative visits every six months help your dentist keep tabs on your teeth and gums.

Should children visit the dentist as often as adults?

Children as young as the age of one should start seeing a dentist on a regular basis, as long as they have at least one baby tooth. Preventative dental care sets young children on the right path towards a lifetime of excellent oral health. Most dentists recommend that children see a dentist for a preventative cleaning and exam every six months.

Is there any reason I should visit the dentist more than twice a year?

If you have a known history of dental health issues, more frequent visits can be beneficial. Your dentist will recommend a routine visit schedule based on your unique needs. Regular visits help your dentist get to know you, your teeth, and your gums.

Should older individuals visit the dentist more frequently?

Your age does not necessarily dictate how often you should visit the dentist. However, if you are growing older and have noticed more frequent dental problems – such as chipped teeth or receding gums – additional visits can help halt the advancement of any impending issues.

How will I know if I should visit in between regularly scheduled preventative check-ups?

If you are in pain, your gums bleed easily, your tooth is chipped or broken, you have a painful sore in your mouth, your jaw hurts, or your teeth are overly sensitive to hot and cold temperatures, call your dentist right away. Discomfort is your body’s way of telling you that something is amiss. An evaluation helps you understand the underlying cause of your pain.

Your oral health plays a role in your overall health and well-being. Scheduling a preventative care appointment with your dentist every six months is essential for maintaining your teeth, gums, and smile. Don’t delay your preventative visit with Washington Court House Dental. If you haven’t seen us in a while, don’t worry. It’s never too late!

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