Should Kids Visit the Dentist as Often as Adults?

Should Kids Visit The Dentist As Often as Adults?

No matter a person’s age, it’s vital to visit the dentist on a regular schedule for preventative care, professional cleaning, and comprehensive exam. A check-up every six months is typically recommended for all individuals, including young children.

When it comes to maintaining a child’s dental health, parents often have questions, doubts, and concerns. They wonder if taking their young child to the dentist on a regular basis is necessary, especially when the child only has a few primary teeth, and the teeth seem white, bright, and healthy. The bottom line is clear. Kids should visit the dentist as often as adults for preventative care.

Several essential reasons kids should see their dentist on a regular schedule:

Keeping Baby Teeth Clean and Healthy

Primary teeth might eventually fall out, but they are just as important as the permanent teeth that ultimately replace them. Routine preventative dental visits allow the hygienist and dentist to professionally clean your child’s teeth, take dental x-rays, and also check for any existing or developing dental health problems.

Checking for Cavities

Just like adult teeth, baby teeth are also susceptible to cavities. Quickly addressing decay in a baby tooth stops the problem from developing into a more severe problem. Consequently, tooth decay left untreated can develop into more severe oral health issues. It can be painful and eventually lead to an extraction. Catching cavities early is important!

Applying Fluoride

Many children benefit from the application of topical fluoride when they see the dentist for preventative care. Fluoride is a mineral that helps strengthen teeth and makes them less susceptible to decay. Many public water supplies contain fluoride supplements which help fortify the teeth. However, the application of fluoride during routine dental appointments is an additional and effective way to protect teeth and help prevent cavities.

Placing Dental Sealants

A dental sealant is an almost unnoticeable plastic coating placed over teeth that provides a protective barrier. Sealants are applied to primary teeth or adult teeth to prevent food particles and bacteria from developing into decay. They are simple and painless to apply and are an excellent shield for teeth.

Monitoring for Impending Orthodontic Issues

Parents are often unaware of the optimal time to take their child to an orthodontist. A family dentist is an excellent resource for monitoring a child’s teeth and bite, and alerting parents to the need for an orthodontic evaluation.

Most children benefit from seeing the dentist at or around the age of one, or as soon as their first tooth emerges. Not only do dental visits help children learn to enjoy and appreciate their teeth and gums, but early intervention also sets a child on a path toward a lifetime of ideal dental health.

Washington Court House Dental provides family dentistry for all ages, and we welcome young children and look forward to positively influencing their life! Children feel comfortable here, and they are sure to receive the highest-quality preventative care and treatment possible. Please contact our office with any questions or concerns about your child’s oral health. We are here to provide expert guidance and advice for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

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