What is Patient-Centered Dental Care?

A pretty woman sits in the dental chair, smiling while the dentist and dental assistant explain the forthcoming procedure.

A simple definition of patient-centered dental care is the following.

Dentistry that is focused on your overall health, well-being, comfort, and satisfaction that results in a positive dental office experience and a trusting doctor-patient relationship.

Most dental care professionals want you to achieve and maintain optimal oral health. But a patient-centered dental practice is one that strives to develop a meaningful and long-lasting relationship with you.

The ultimate goal of a patient-centered dental practice is to treat you as an individual. Also, to provide personalized care that meets your unique dental health needs and goals.

If you are wondering whether your dentist employs a patient-centered approach to dentistry, evaluate your answers to the following questions:

  • When you contact the office to make an appointment, is the office staff friendly, caring, and interested in helping? Do they want to find a time that will work with your busy schedule?
  • Is the office atmosphere positive, upbeat, welcoming, and inviting?
  • Does a team member greet you warmly when you arrive for your appointment? 
  • Are you nervous at the office? Or, do you feel comfortable and at ease?
  • Are members of the dental practice team interested in having meaningful conversations with you about your life, your oral health, and helping you reach your dental-related goals?
  • During a routine exam and dental procedures, does the dental team show compassion for your fear, apprehension, and/or anxiety?
  • Does your dentist show concern for you as a person? Does he or she ask you questions about your family and your interests?
  • Do you feel like your dentist is consistently trying to sell you expensive dental treatments instead of taking a conservative approach and looking out for your best interest?
  • Does your dentist make treatment decisions for you? Does your dentist have a conversation with you that weighs the pros and cons of various treatment options?
  • Are your questions and concerns taken seriously?
  • Does the dental office feature amenities to help you feel comfortable and relaxed while you’re sitting in the dental chair?
  • Do you feel as though you and your dentist are in a partnership when it comes to determining the best course of action for improving your dental health?

While it’s entirely possible to receive exceptional clinical care from a dental practice that focuses solely on providing top-quality dental services, a patient-centered dental practice goes an extra step to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. A patient-centered dental office values you as a patient, as a person, and as a friend.

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