I Haven’t Seen a Dentist in 10 Years. Is it Too Late to Start?

An older couple with perfect teeth smile and pose for a picture.

How long has it been since your last dentist appointment? If you follow a regular preventative dental visit schedule, you should give yourself a pat on the back. Most dentists recommend that people visit for a regular cleaning and dental exam at least every six months.

Visiting the dentist for regular check-ups is important. Routine dental visits help keep your teeth clean and your mouth healthy. They also allow your dentist to treat problems early.

Unfortunately, many people avoid visiting the dentist, and the reasons for not scheduling an appointment vary greatly.

Some of the most common reasons people put off visiting the dentist include:

  • Fear of Pain Associated with Dental Procedures
  • Belief that Dental Care is Too Expensive
  • Fear of Embarrassment Due to Poor Oral Hygiene
  • Not Wanting to be Scolded by the Dentist
  • Memories of a Bad Dental Experience
  • Not Wanting to Hear that Certain Teeth Should be Removed
  • Belief that Necessary Dental Work Will be Time-Consuming
  • Fear that Dental Problems are So Advanced They Cannot be Fixed

If any of the above points sound familiar, or if you have not visited a dentist in many years for any other reason, Washington Court House Dental is a great option for you. We strive to help all patients reach optimal oral health, no matter how long it’s been since your last dental visit.

Many people believe that if they haven’t seen a dentist in many years, it’s too late to start. However, nothing could be farther than the truth. It is absolutely never too late to visit a dentist, and start down a path that will lead to improved oral health.

Regular Dental Visits are Important

Even if you brush and floss your teeth twice a day and your teeth feel perfectly fine, regular dental visits are essential. We strive to help you maintain a mouth and teeth that will remain healthy and functional for a lifetime. When patients who have not seen a dentist in many years schedule an appointment at our office, we always look at the situation as an opportunity to help… not to lecture or criticize.

If you’ve avoided the dentist for several years because you are worried that dental treatment will be painful, rest assured that we go above and beyond to make sure you’re comfortable during your exam or dental procedure. We offer nitrous oxide, oral sedation, and other relaxation options to help make your visit pleasant and fear-free.

Don’t Delay… Call Today!

Please don’t delay a dental visit any longer! As a patient of Washington Court House Dental, you are given exceptional care by a team of dental professionals who truly care about your well-being. Call today to schedule an appointment. We are happy to answer questions and to talk with you about the benefits of being proactive about your dental health.

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