Dental Emergencies

Visit our emergency dentist and get rid of your pain today!

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, you must be seen by an emergency dentist today! If not treated soon, it could lead to a serious and life-threatening situation. Our skilled team of emergency dental care providers is led by Dr. Michael Pappas, DDS, and Dr. R. Taylor Landgraf, DDS, who boast years of training and experience to treat your emergency. No matter how traumatic your injury is, we are here to help. Call our office in Washington Court House at (740) 333-7290 or set up an appointment online today!

What is a dental emergency?

Emergencies come in all shapes and sizes; however, we advise you to see our emergency dentists to ensure your pain is treated properly and that it will not escalate in severity. Chipped teeth and severe bleeding are not the only emergencies to watch out for; you might need our emergency dental services if you are experiencing:

  1. Severe pain or inflammation
  2. Abscesses or swelling
  3. Bleeding
  4. Chipped or cracked teeth
  5. Jaw injury
  6. Knocked-out teeth
  7. Severe pain, sensitivity, or toothaches
  8. Tooth trauma
  9. Cuts or bruising inside the mouth
  10. Lost fillings or crowns
  11. Unusual soreness

We have seen it all. Whatever you’re dealing with, we are sure that we can help you. From experience, we know many of these situations can result in an infection that may spread and  lead to even more pain and additional costs. Not to mention the appearance of your smile may be altered, leading to decreased confidence and increased self-consciousness in social settings. In order to avoid this, you must call us today to get your smile fixed. Getting in today will quickly restore your appearance and remove any pain you might be experiencing.

Same Day Treatment 

Because we know the importance of looks and treating intense pain, we are happy to offer same-day emergency dental care. If your case is deemed severe enough after your consultation, our emergency dentists will create a plan of action that will restore your smile and rid the pain in a quick and efficient manner. We are lucky to have all of our 

The goal of our emergency dental services is to make it as comfortable as possible. On top of numbing the treatment area with anesthesia, we also offer iv sedation for those who wish to be asleep for the procedure. We go the extra mile to make an already chaotic situation more enjoyable.

Dangers of waiting

One of the worst things you can do when you are experiencing a dental emergency is to push off seeing an emergency dentist. We have seen patients do this very thing, often leading to more treatment needs and higher costs. All of this can be alleviated with a short consultation to determine the severity of your emergency. In some cases, it can be beneficial to wait a certain time period before emergency dental care is provided; however, that decision should be left to the emergency dentist professionals. Stop in today to have our emergency dentists see you.

High-quality, low cost

We know that with any emergency, there can be high costs associated with your treatments. However, at Washington Court House Dental, we partner with many major PPO dental insurance companies to be the most affordable emergency dentists around. If you don’t have insurance, don’t worry! We offer an in-house insurance plan as well to help offset the costs of your procedure. Call now to take advantage of our cost savings.

Seek immediate care now!

Stopping your pain is our priority, and waiting any longer will only make it worse. Not only are we the most effective, affordable emergency dentists around, but we also see great results. In a comforting environment, you can get your emergency dental care taken care of today! Get in today to eliminate the pain; call our office at (740) 333-7290 or schedule a consultation for fast solutions.

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